Amedeo’s – Sydney

On a recent weekend trip to Baddeck, we met up with a friend in Sydney to hand-deliver a wedding invitation. On her suggestion, we found ourselves at Amedeo’s, a small Italian restaurant in the middle of downtown Sydney.  Upon entering Amedeo’s, we were greeted by the savory smell of authentic Italian food; fresh bread, olive oils and the scent of ripe tomatoes.

The restaurant is well lit with natural light from the many windows.  The layout allows for privacy without being claustrophobic. My male counterpart naturally ordered the lunch buffet – Italian breads, salad, soup, two pastas, two meat stews, hand made pizza and more for $12.99.  I opted for the baked stuffed mussels, while our dinner mate ordered a pasta dish that incorporated chicken, bacon and a cream sauce (which she says she ordered every time!)

Top marks went to the bread, baked mussels and the pasta. The portion size for the pasta was more than enough for lunch. I was not that hungry, so my portion size was okay, but normally would not have been enough to fill me.

We were especially pleased with the prices – The baked stuffed mussels were only $8.99, and as mentioned, the all-you-can-eat rang in at $15 once tax was added in.

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