Tidal Bay Wine

The beauty of our province lies not only in our places but our products as well. With my male counterpart out-of-town on business, what better time than to partake in one of my favorite local products – Wine!

I will admit that I have not always been the biggest fan of Nova Scotia Wines, but the local libations have been growing on me over the past year. Last week, while shopping at the Seaport Market, I had a chance to try Blomidon Wines Tidal Bay. While the white blend is a bit sweeter than I would normally choose, its light, fruity palate and clean taste left me longing for another taste all week. I finally gave in and picked up a bottle at bishop’s cellar this evening.

According to Bishops, ‘to qualify for the Tidal Bay designation, wines must pass strict new grape-growing and winemaking standards on a par with the world’s toughest. The wines were assessed by an independent tasting panel to ensure that they conform to the Tidal Bay style and to certify their quality’

This wine is available upstairs at the market, or chilled and ready to go at Bishops Cellar. It is well worth the $20 price tag.

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